Announcement- other web cafes

Fri, 07 Nov 2003 23:26:44 -0800

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:43:04 -0800, "Akkana Peck" <>
> > 2) The Santana Row "It's not a shopping center. It's the center of the
> There's free wifi at Santana Row?  Where?  Or is this a "pay t-mobile"
> thing?  (Ew.)

I can't recall if I was ll told this was free, or not told.  When _I_
tired, IIRC, there were many tmobile APs listed.  When I connected to
one, and tried to pull up a web page, it redirected me to the Mall....
er, shopping center website. That page had a link to tmobile.  That link
had 2 links to sign up for tmobile service.  The link I clicked on, for
somethign like "1 day" or "1 month" 1 time service brought up a web
server error.  So, I was never able to get a useful connection.

> Quite near there, there's a web cafe (I forget the name, something
> cute like Central Perk) at Winchester and Stevens Creek, between
> Good Guys and Tony&Alba's.  It's small, like Dana St, but the wifi
> actually works (decent food, too).  I don't know how crowded it
> is in the evening, and it may not stay open very late -- I think it's
> mostly a breakfast/lunch place, but it's very close to my house so
> I'll try to spin by today and check the hours.

Cool! Let us know the details, and if you think it would be suitable for
a BAD meeting.  :)  [Open till 9P - necessary. 10P Good.  12P won't be
necessary for everyone, but would be very nice for the stay late crowd.]

> There's also a cafe at Lawrence and Stevens Creek (SE corner) with
> a banner advertising free wifi, but I haven't been there yet.

I'd welcome your site report from there too.  :)

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