Come to BAD to learn & do- WIFI IRC Voice Video..., WWVideoConf..., HACKATHON_A_GOGO

Sun, 09 Nov 2003 04:34:38 -0800

Several people have asked for more specifics about:

3) Hackathon-a-gogo
2) The WW Debian GPL FSW OpenSource ...
     VideoNetCast Conference & Programming/SW_Development Event
1) The wifi/IRC/Voice/Video activities at the BAD meeting.

These relate to some things that several of us have talked about at,
among other places, the past several BAD meetings.


1) The wifi... activities are: something interesting to do, for people
who are interested in these topics.  :)

It's an opportunity to try to set up wifi IRC, Voice & Video com between
A) actually _at_ the real meeting location, and also
B) at the main BAD meeting site & potential remote BAD sites.

The remote sites are anyone(s) who
a) wants to and
b) does try to set up a location w/ 1 or more people who try to
communicate w/ the main BAD meeting location.

Yes, one of the things I plan to try to figure out how to, and then try
to, do, is operate an/some IR(text,voice,video)C server(s) onsite. I also
plan to try to connect it, or another one operated onsite, to the outside
world.  't's my kind of thing.  :)

My goal for the upcoming meeting is to try to get the text irc up.  And
then the voice, and then the video, and then the ....... and then the 3D
virtual . . . oh, well, I doubt we'll get _that_ far.  :)

As a part of the BAD meeting, these activities are totally optional for
all attendees.  If it ain't your thang, there's noone insisting you take

If you _are_ interested in any of these, then I encourage you to come on
by & help us help each other learn & do.  :)

Why do this (other than to learn new things)?
1) To enable future BAD meetings to have remote "attendees".
2) To acquire the skills & abilities to put on:


2) The WW Debian GPL FSW OpenSource ... VideoNetCast Conference &
Programming/SW_Development_Event/Hackfest/... is an event (separate from
BAD) that, hopefully, will make use of the wifi technology put together
at the BAD meeting.  It:

It's the greatest thing since sliced time!
The World Wide Debian ... Video Conference/Programming-Event

Hopefully, this will grow to become a weekly education, research, and
development event.

The main goal is to assist in generating & spreading knowledge about
useful software, in order to help people be able to create more such
useful software.

Each week, we will focus on one particular piece or set of software:

    * Examples: The Debian OS (or other GPL community OSs'), KDE, Open
    Office, XWindows, IRC, Plone, VoIP, Games, VideoConferencing,
    TuxPaint, Apache...

There will be videonetcast talks (likely 2 to 8 hours) about that
software (by it's leading developers, or someone else well qualified to
describe the existing architecture, features, bugs, and anticipated

There will be live Q&A from around the world, involving the listeners &
the speakers.

Then world wide collaborative interaction, involving Discussing,
Designing, Programming, Debuging, and Arting. Generating both incremental
& major version improvements.


3) Hackathon_a_gogo is: nothing real, AFAIK.  But, it is a cute name.  :)
 Sounds kinda interesting.  (Evil Mini-Me says: "It's a nightclub in the
alternative universe that has the _Evil_ Jamie Zawinski.  .  .  .  Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha!")  As far as my use of it in the previous announcement, I used
it to refer to everything that happens after the VideoNetCast talks: the
Software & Documentation & Art & ... production.  Call it a hackfest,
development event, or hackathon, or ...?  :)


There's a lot more that can be said about these topics/activities.  But,
I don't have time to explain much more than the above, right now.

If you find any of this interesting or intriguing, come to the BAD
meeting!  You _don't_ have to have any knowledge about or equipment for
these topics - learners are welcome.  (But, if you do have knowledge or
equipment [a laptop w/ 802.11b wireless ability], and want to
participate, bring it!)  At the meeting, anyone intersted in any of this
is free to come chat, learn, provide assistance, & etc.

If you're _not_ interested in all this wifi inet com education research
development stuff, and just want to "Sip coffee, sit with laptops, and
talk Debian with friends", then come to the BAD meeting & do that!  :)

If you _are_ intersted in the wifi stuff, then come on by & let's have
fun, & "create some great new technologies & abilities"!

Welcome!  See you there!  :)

-- - mmm... Fastmail...