BAD KSP (was Re: list still alive?)

Nick Moffitt
Sun, 3 Jun 2001 00:40:14 -0700

begin  Mike Markley quotation:
> As an idea about where... anyone familiar with Zachary's in Oakland?
> Some of the best pizza I've ever had (and I've lived all over the
> country), and emminently BARTable (short walk from Rockridge
> station, although there's also a location in Berkeley on Solano).
> The big logistical problem I see with that is that there are no
> reservations and it's often packed there... anyone more familiar
> with it have any ideas? If the problems aren't insurmountable I
> think it's worth it, personally :).

	Well, I spend a lot of time in an apartment on College just
across the street.  It's pretty much impossible to get in on weekends.
The only time it's reasonably empty is during non-rush hours on
weekdays.  You may find a lull around 4pm on Saturday, but I doubt it.

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