RMS will be 'round, Aug. 9 - 20

Rick Moen rick@hugin.imat.com
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 00:29:48 -0700

Quoting Alan DuBoff (maestro@SoftOrchestra.com):

> I just don't honestly get up to the city too much, all the times I've
> seen you it's been down in the Valley. I didn't mean to tick you off.

Oh, don't worry; I wasn't annoyed.  I just figured that, all other
things being equal, some place both natural-audience groups are known
to like would be good.  However, Stallman himself is currently inquiring
with various people about venues close to CCSF, and cc'ing me.  So, if
you have in mind other venues, now is a good time to tell him.  (He
could, of course, speak more than once.)

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