I've learned my lesson...<sigh>

Jonathan Jefferies jonathanjefferies@allant.com
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 15:52:15 -0700

Alan DuBoff wrote:
> As quoted from the Godfather's "Debian Tips" page located at:
> http://www.linuxmafia.com/debian/tips
> "Surviving "dselect":  dselect is a software package-selection and
> configuration tool, liked by a few, detested by many, and due to be
> replaced soon.  During Debian installation, you will briefly encounter
> it but need not ever use it thereafter, post-installation.  (Better
> tools are available, e.g., apt-get, dpkg.)"
> dselect is what f#@$'d me up the most, I had tried to use it after getting my
> base installed, since it does front end the package list.
> Oh well...BAD Boys learn the hard way...:-/

It goes without saying that there is a steep learning curve
with Debian and dselect is undoubtedly the steepest part of
that curve.  It's like that's the price you pay for joining
this club.  Frankly I almost went back to Slackware which
is clumsy but sane and very do 'able' for those who already
know a little bit about unix.   The main thing that kept me
coming was the thought that debian has the "MOST" complete
set of Linux programs/software.  But now I've almost got a
good system, I still don't know if most of those are needed
or even useful.  Guess I'll learn the same way as I did with
dselect - by trying again and again until I got it.

Just so you know you ain't alone.

Jonathan Jefferies