Bay Area Debian (BAD) list working again(?) ... web site ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at
Mon Mar 22 08:24:55 PDT 2021

I believe Aaron's been working on it a bit.
Looks like BAD list is working again (?) ...
apparently mailman 2 from Debian 10 (stable) (re)installed
onto the Debian testing host (mailman 2 isn't packaged for Debian testing).
As far as I can determine/guestimate, mailman 2 got removed (but its
data and configurations preserved - hence one could still, e.g. browse
the archives on web), but mailman 2 had otherwise stopped working.
And ... with apparently now mailman 2 reinstalled ... well, it resumes
working again - or so it seems.

As for web site, pokin' around a little, at least when I checked wee
bit ago, wasn't working (though correct IP and
such), however there appears an alternate ("temporary"?/test?/???) means to
get there (or at least that content):

I did, many months back, get access from Aaron to be able to update the
BAD and BUUG web pages, but not access to be able to access all the list
data or more generally fix/update/move things.

Have at least a (draft) gentle migration plan for BAD:
(and likewise BUUG:
but have been waiting to hear back from Aaron on that.

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     Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 17:26:52 -0800
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  Subject: BUUG & BAD ... gentle migration plans?  :-)
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Hope you and yours are well.

Was wondering/hoping we could make some progress in this.
Anyway, see my earlier - basically outlined some migration plans.
Let me know.


> From: "Michael Paoli" <Michael.Paoli at>
> Subject: BUUG & BAD ... gentle migration plans?  :-)
> Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2020 19:26:27 -0800

> Aaron,
> Insofar as (acedia/ is apparently
> running Debian testing, and mailman2 isn't available for testing but
> is on stable, and I already use it to host lists (notably BALUG's),
> and the version numbers are nearly identical (config files
> remain where it was removed, hence archives still are available
> and all the config data is also still there), I was thinking
> perhaps best to do some (mostly) nice gentle slow migrations (notably
> to not break anything in the meantime - at least not more than
> it's already broken or not functioning).
> If all that sounds good to you, most immediate steps you can take so I
> can proceed further:
> bad-buug at add it as member of group list,
> or if not that, at least give it passwordless sudo
> access to run stuff as group list, and at least the
> commands (with arbitrary options/arguments) cat and ls.
> (In any case, there's a bunch of stuff owned by group list where I'd
> need that data to be able to smoothly transition the BUUG and BAD lists
> over).
> Allow these IPs: & 2001:470:1f05:19e::6
> to AXFR pull zone from
> With the above bits, I can start working on the list and (BUUG) DNS bits.
> Highish level migration plans would be:
> o first BUUG (it at least pre-COVID-19 met twice monthly)
> o lists (currently broken for email)
> o then web site
> o then BAD (much less frequent meetings, DNS also more restricted to alter)
> o lists (currently broken for email)
> o then web site
> BAD will also require at least some DD (or DM?) steps (DNS).
> More detailed outline of the migration plans:
> For BAD, we'll need to get some current DD(s) involved (are you not
> current?) - don't know that DM would suffice.
> Thinking, in addition to yourself (if you can do that ... good also to
> have backup), can you think of (semi-)active DDs in the SF Bay Area
> that may be interested in assisting on this?
> Other than yourself, I think also of
> Asheesh Laroia
> Looks like Mike Markley is still DD, but I don't know if he's been at
> all active in more recent years with BAD or if he's even still in the
> Bay Area (looks like he originally, or last, did's DNS).
> Tony Godshaw - I believe still in Bay Area, and active ...
> but not currently DD?
> Thanks
>> From: "Michael Paoli" <Michael.Paoli at>
>> Subject: BUUG list (bounces with failure, list page not working)
>> Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 21:26:37 -0700
>> Aaron,
>> Thanks - got BUUG web site pretty reasonably updated now :-) ...
>> Alas, I notice some glitches with BUUG's list - though the
>> archive appears okay,
>> the list links give 404:
>> (of the above, I'm guestimating the first is the more correct/current
>> as that's what shows on the archive page, and the second isn't as current
>> and may be incorrect - that's on the web page - I can update that if it's
>> outdated), and
>> post to list bounces:
>> ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
>> "|/var/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post buug"
>>     (reason: Service unavailable)
>>     (expanded from: <buug at>)
>>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>> smrsh: "mailman" not available for sendmail programs (stat failed)
>> 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable
>> Anyway, at your reasonable convenience (not sure anyone will notice
>> right away anyway).
>> Also, I've not yet checked BAD to see if there may be similar issue(s)
>> there with the BAD list
>> Thanks.
>> On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 10:04 AM Aaron Porter <atporter at> wrote:
>>>         bad-buug at
>>> On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 09:07:45AM -0700, Michael Paoli wrote:
>>>> Let's have you keep doing the hosting for at least the time being -
>>>> much appreciated.

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