[Debian Logo] Debian GNU/Linux in the Bay Area

🇺🇦Bay Area Debian (BAD)

Bay Area Debian is a loose collection of Debian developers and enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The Bay Area has a large linux-using population, large enough to make a group like Bay Area Debian possible. The group currently has over 100 members.

Bay Area Debian is not (yet) a formal linux user's group. It's more like an informal Debian SIG of other linux user's groups in the Bay Area, including BALUG and SVLUG.

Bay Area Debian currently has get-togethers on the second Wednesday of many months.

Upcoming Events

See Evan Prodromou's Shotgun Rules for planning monthly meetings - also handy for definitively answering (along with the list archive) if next upcoming meeting has been set, and relevant details.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list with archive.

Past Events