Bay Area Linux & Open Source User Groups

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at
Sun Feb 17 22:48:50 PST 2013

Question/discussion came up at[1] Ubuntu Hour San Francisco / BAD
meeting, thought I'd post here some of the relevant reference bits.

Most notably, there are multiple lists and meta-lists.  Those are
generally the best place(s) to start.  Note that "of course", that such
information isn't always up to date.  Best to check on specific groups
on their web page(s) and list(s) to see if the group is still active
and meets, or when it does/doesn't meet and where, etc.  But even that
data may not give a particularly full picture - usually a fair
indicator, but some group(s) may have very active site and/or list(s)
and small (to non-existent) meetings, and the reverse can be the case
too (quite to very regular at least fair-sized meetings, even if
site/list(s) are highly quiet/static).

The BALE - Bay Area Linux Events:

SF Bay Area Open Source/Linux Events:

Silicon Valley Linux Users Group:
Other (Linux, Unix, Software, etc.) Local Groups:

USENIX: USA User Groups: California:

There may possibly be some other(s) of note, but those seem to be the
ones I can (still) find that have from rather complete listings to at
least many for the San Francisco Bay Area.

1. really, after Ubuntu Hour San Francisco, hair after start time for
    BAD meeting, folks walking to BAD meeting, less than 1/4 block away
    from BAD meeting but not quite to the BAD meeting location yet.  BAD
    list seemed slightly more fitting, in any case (as Ubuntu has a
    California list, but not a Bay Area or San Francisco list).

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