(S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400

Alvin Oga aoga at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sun Mar 5 16:00:58 PST 2006

hi michael

On Sun, 5 Mar 2006, Michael Paoli wrote:

> (S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400

i've been collecting a few ( couple dozen dell boxes too )
including CRT monitors too for recycling ( some are dual-p3 or faster 
and others are celeron-500s )

i'm thinking of refurbing it into a 2U chssis and amke a mosix
cluster or use as some other learning tools for folks to play with
and also at debian booths at tradeshow if its still an option

- i want to learn new tricks so having spare arbitrarily re-formatable
  toys will be helpful in experimenting with mosix, coda, etc

> A group at my employer has some computer systems to give away.
> Preference would probably be to non-profits (e.g. 501(c)3 or 501(c)(7))
> and/or accredited educational institutions, but most any semi-reasonable
> cause, purpose or person to give/provide them for is also likely
> potential candidate if interested.


c ya
Palo Alto

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