Do you guys not make a keyring on biglumber, or am I missing something?

Bill Woodcock woody at
Fri Mar 10 00:04:41 PST 2006

      On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Michael Paoli wrote:
    > Even for the BAD meeting that lined up with
    > LinuxWorld in San Francisco last year, where I expected potentially
    > pretty large crowd (I think we did have ~24, fairly large for a BAD
    > meeting, anyway), and created keyring for that event, we still only
    > ended up with 2 keys that got placed on the event keyring, even though
    > there were <~=11 keys involved among the signings.

Huh, interesting.  I'm a networking person rather than a systems person, 
and we typically do keysignings in conjunction with operations 
conferences, which are about once a month, in different cities...  We 
typically have somewhere between ten and thirty people, and always do a 
keyring.  Sometimes we don't create the keyring until everybody's in the 
room, but it makes it easier for batch-processing with the tools some 
people use, I guess.


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