Userlinux support in the Bay Area

Melissa Meyer
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 15:43:33 -0800

Hi, one of the organizations I work for is considering (well, I
suggested it) switching from RedHat Enterprise Server to Debian - or 
actually Userlinux.  I'm a big Debian fan and long-time lurker on this 
list.  I'm wondering if anyone here is actually using Userlinux at their
jobs?  Does anyone in the Bay Area provide support for Userlinux and is
available for projects from time to time (or more permanently if I and
my co-workers get hit by a bus or something)?  The software we use is
all pretty standard open source stuff.  The servers run a web app in
java.  We're a non-profit so we don't have a tremendous amount of money
which is one of our main thoughts on why we would switch to Debian.

Any comments or suggestions?