ANNOUNCEMENT - next BAD meeting in SF 4/13/2005 7pm chevys(RULE3)

Alvin Oga
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 14:42:48 -0800 (PST)

hi ya "bad"

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Sean Perry wrote:

> Les Kopari wrote:
> > Thanks Tony...that's the most concise meeting summary
> > I've seen in quite some time.

if this is the summary, i finally got to see it :-) 

- good for those that got helped out and got things working

> Lastly Jared was talking about how Debian is great where he works, the 
> trials and tribulations of 20 terabytes of data, postgres v. oracle, etc.

looks like i missed some fun

what are the problems with the 20TB of data ( db ) ?
- i'm very very curious and interested in building 20TB into one 4U
  chassis :-) ( in the process of doing so -- testing )
	- postgres vs oracle vs mysql down to the gory details is good
	- db backups issues
	- recovery issues
	- transaction logging issues to be replayed on yesterdays backup
	to recreate a clean copy of today's backup before the crash, etc
	- backups across the t1/t3 wires ( speed wise )
	- is the db rdiff'able issues

	- lots of fun testing and corrupting and fixing 20TB ??
	( i think it's non-trivial )

> Later, Tony, Jared, someone else (you might have noticed I am *BAD* at 
> names) and I went to jack's had a beer and chatted for another hour and 
> a half about work, coding, etc.

i wondered about that ... post meetings, because fries closes at 8 or 9
and 9pm is too early to "go home"
	( note, i remembered at 7:30pm that there was a meeting :-)

c ya