ANNOUNCEMENT - next BAD meeting in SF 4/13/2005 7pm chevys(RULE3)

Sean Perry
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 01:21:13 -0800

Les Kopari wrote:
> Thanks Tony...that's the most concise meeting summary
> I've seen in quite some time.

The meeting itself was largely a social gathering composed of four groups.

I was talking to Tony and another fellow (sorry I forgot your name) 
about Haskell.

I could not hear what the group to my right was talking about.

A fellow named Sam brought in a Dell laptop with a broken X install and 
he was being assisted by a person I recognize from meetings but do not 
know his name.

Lastly Jared was talking about how Debian is great where he works, the 
trials and tribulations of 20 terabytes of data, postgres v. oracle, etc.

Later, Tony, Jared, someone else (you might have noticed I am *BAD* at 
names) and I went to jack's had a beer and chatted for another hour and 
a half about work, coding, etc.