When might tonight's (3/9) BAD mtg finish?

Tony Godshall Tony Godshall <togo@of.net>
Wed, 9 Mar 2005 14:25:27 -0800

According to Sean Perry,
> C Poda 301 wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Just saw the BAD mtg announcement & am interested in the PVR build-in.
> >
> >I probably cannot get to the Fremont meeting before 8:45pm or later.  
> >Will  the meeting be finished by then?  Does Fry's close at 9pm, which 
> >ends the  meeting?
> >
> Fry's does indeed close at 9. We will probably start getting pushed out 
> of their cafe around 8:45, 8:50. There is a place called Jack's Brewing 
> Company not too far away (and real close to BART) that makes their own 
> beer. It is setup like the Tied House so minors / under 21 are welcome.
> I just called and they are open until 10. So if we leave Fry's around 
> 8:30 or 8:45, get to Jack's at 9 we can stay until they kick us out. 
> Then it is a 3 minute drive to BART and a 5 minute drive to I-880 or a 7 
> minute drive to I-680.

... and BARTs leave at 9:12p 9:32p 9:52p 10:12p 10:32p 10:52p 11:12p 11:32p.