BART to Fremont [Re: REMINDER: There will be a BAD meeting at 7pm on Wed 9 March at Fry's Fremont Cafe]

Tony Godshall Tony Godshall <>
Tue, 8 Mar 2005 06:01:55 -0800

According to Erich Schubert,
> Hi,
> > 6:45 sounds reasonable. BART is about 10 minutes from Fry's with the way 
> > the local traffic lights run. I drive a Pontiac Vibe (aka Toyota Matrix) 
> > so if people do buy stuff I can get it back to BART, you just have to 
> > get it home (-:
> Sounds good. Tony, can you tell me when I do have to get onto BART at
> Berkeley? (I guess you will get onto BART somewhere near Alameda?)

I will be coming from my office in Berkeley, so I'll be
getting on at Ashby BART.

Transitinfo ( says...

Trip Itinerary for arriving by 6:45pm.

BART Downtown Berkeley, 2160 Shattuck Ave (Location map)
Board:  BART Rich/Fremont Line/Fremont at 5:47 pm (next train at 6:02 pm) (schedule detail)
Fare:   Pay $3.60, Get BART Ticket

Get Off:  BART Fremont at 6:35 pm
Total Travel Time:  58 min
Total Cash Fare:  $3.60