REMINDER: There will be a BAD meeting at 7pm on Wed 9 March at Fry's Fremont Cafe

Ian Zimmerman
05 Mar 2005 10:16:06 -0800

Oliver> It isn't very hard to find by car. Just use the 880 South, drive
Oliver> for 30 minutes (probably longer in rush hour...), and use the
Oliver> exit 'Automall Parkway', go left (east), and continue on
Oliver> Automall. Just after you cross Union Pacific on a bridge, and
Oliver> just before you cross the 680, you will already see it on the
Oliver> left (north).

It's much worse than 30 min, as Bill is finding out.  Even in moderate
traffic, it's more like 45 min.  And the traffic is almost never moderate
on the 880.  It's actually faster to take 580 and then Mission Blvd.

I'm really looking forward to this meeting, but as I usually don't
attend BAD events due to distance, I am going to forget.  Oliver, can
you remind me on Wednesday please?

Erich and Sean, would you consider keysigning?  Others too of course.

I wonder which is the best virus for unix and if I can write
a better one in Microsoft BASIC ?
Hans-Marc Olsen in comp.unix.programmer