Keyring for (mini-?)keysigning 2005-02-09 Downtown Oakland (Pacific Coast Brewing Company)

Akbar Pasha Akbar Pasha <>
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 19:05:52 -0800

Thanks Rick! I checked the link, its so useful. I think I will choose
either between the debian-sarge-new installer or Ubuntu linux. I have
SuSE on my machine now, but I do really want to move to debian as I
have figured out that its very ideal for me to learn the basics very
well. This way I am aware of how my linux, machine works.

I have a toshiba laptop on which I am trying to install debian. 

I will be there for the bad meet for sure.


On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:19:15 -0800, Rick Moen <> wrote:
> Quoting Akbar Pasha (
> > Ok, after reading all the info I am pretty excited. I am new to list,
> > berkeley and also debian. I am not sure whether I would be flamed for
> > asking these questions.
> >
> > 1. I am trying out debian just now. Just a novice, can I attend?
> Absolutely.  Incidentally, need a CD burned for you?  (This is _not_
> an offer to all readers, so the rest of you, please don't ask.  ;-> )
> Depending on your needs, you might want the stable branch's official
> installer image, the "testing" (next stable) branch's prerelease
> installer image, or one of the netinst minimal images.  Let me know
> if you know what you want, and your architecture.  (There's nothing
> wrong with not knowing what you want, either.)
> More at:  "Installers" on
> > 2. Will there be some specific topic discussion or just a meetup?
> Generally, it's just random friendly discussion around a table.  The
> place has relatively decent food and drink, which helps, too.
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