Keyring for (mini-?)keysigning 2005-02-09 Downtown Oakland (Pacific Coast Brewing Company)

Rick Moen
Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:19:15 -0800

Quoting Akbar Pasha (

> Ok, after reading all the info I am pretty excited. I am new to list,
> berkeley and also debian. I am not sure whether I would be flamed for
> asking these questions.
> 1. I am trying out debian just now. Just a novice, can I attend?

Absolutely.  Incidentally, need a CD burned for you?  (This is _not_ 
an offer to all readers, so the rest of you, please don't ask.  ;-> )
Depending on your needs, you might want the stable branch's official
installer image, the "testing" (next stable) branch's prerelease
installer image, or one of the netinst minimal images.  Let me know 
if you know what you want, and your architecture.  (There's nothing
wrong with not knowing what you want, either.)

More at:  "Installers" on

> 2. Will there be some specific topic discussion or just a meetup?

Generally, it's just random friendly discussion around a table.  The
place has relatively decent food and drink, which helps, too.

Cheers,                                      Hardware:  The part you kick.
Rick Moen                                    Software:  The part you boot.