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Ken Bloom
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 15:50:28 -0700

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On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 01:59:43PM -0700, Stephen Schroder wrote:
> I use LILO as a boot loader.  I don't seem to append anything, since I=20
> dual boot with Windows, and my only choices seem to be Linux or Windows.=
>  At the bottom of the boot loader screen it reads Boot:, but unless I'm=
> missing something it's only purpose seems to be to initiate booting=20
> whatever is highlighted when I press Enter.
> If I boot into a virtual terminal I'm asked for the login.  If I then=20
> type 'init=3D/bin/bash' or 'init=3D/bin/sh' it asks for the password.  If=
> then type psswd it waits a while then tells me 'Login incorrect'. I=20
> suspect that is because it has already initialized the boot process, and=
> it is way too late to run init.

When your bootloader menu appears, type "Linux init=3D/bin/bash"
replacing "Linux" with the title of the menu item that you select to
boot Linux. As you type, what you type will appear on the Boot:

> My password is long, but it was easy to remember until now.  I think I=20
> have tried every reasonable alteration, so I have to consider the=20
> possibility that I am using the wrong Login word to access root,=20
> especially since no matter what I enter for a password it returns 'Login=
> incorrect'.  I thought I remembered that it was the same as the Login=20
> word I ordinarily use to access the virtual terminal.
> I can't boot from the Linux floppy disc.  For some reason, maybe because=
> I am dual booting with Windows, or because when I was setting up my=20
> system I did not include the floppy drive as an option for booting (if I=
> was even given that option) the floppy drive does not function, even if=
> I choose Windows.
> I apologize for the length of this post, but I wanted to address all the=
> suggestions that have been made.  I appreciate all the suggestions.=20
> Maybe I'm still doing something wrong.
> Steve
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> Nothing is going to work because you want it to work, just to please=20
> you.  You have to make the damn thing work.  -Thomas A. Edison
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