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On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 05:52:41 -0800, "Stephen Schroder"
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> I wanted to go to the meeting.  I have a new laptop that is WIFI 
> enabled, but so far it just has MS XP Pro on it.  If I could afford an 
> extra HD right now I would buy one for use with Debian.  But as it is, I 
> can only afford to resize the partition to make room for Debian, then 
> dual boot.
> I am interested in IRC and some of the more esoteric modalities you have 
> mentioned.  So I can learn about them using my desktop computer, which 
> runs Debian, could anyone suggest some packages to download and install, 
> and what they are for?  Please indicate if they are apt-gettable, 
> otherwise I shall need a URL.

Well, if you could be more specific about what you are interested in, I
could give you a more specific answer.  :)   Reply back, to the list w/
more specific questions, if you wish.  Assuming you are interested in
IRC, at least, here are some comments.  :)

Last night at the BAD meeting, there were at least two, maybe more,
different IRC clients in use. I know for sure:  bitchx & kvirc.

Here's a good thread for info about IRC, if you like gui aps. Read this
What are the best windowed IRC clients, and which are apt-get'able?
Below the "=====" are some comments from the 1st level replies there.

Read the rest of that thread (& perhaps other posts to that list later in
the month - I don't recall when they said it) for info about how to get
.deb files for KVIRC.  That's what I use - it's like mIRC.

(See after the 2nd long dash for Instant Messaging info.)

Oh - the KVIRC reply is here:
Note: I am the Debian maintainer for the kvirc package.

If you do like KVIrc, I advise you to try out the latest version (pre3-1)
KVIrc 2 in Sid. It is better integrated with KDE than KVIrc 3, and
quite a lot of fixes compared to the upstream KVIrc 2 version (which is
now anyway since everyone there is working on KVIrc 3).

I took up maintaining the KVIrc 2 sources and am planning to add some of
more interesting features from KVIrc 3 (encrypted IRC, avatar support,
the like), though mostly I plan to make KVIrc as stable as can be and
well-integrated with KDE. Currently KVIrc 2 has near-native KDE support
instead of only using a few KDE classes for its UI. It also has a much
finished look than KVIrc 3.

Give it a try and see for yourself :-)
- Robin

{Read the followups to that link for info about how to get the kvirc


And here are the comments from replies to

Xchat and konversation are my favourite choices

apt-cache search irc

is one possible way to get a list of stuff to poke through.

>From what I hear most people who use gui irc clients run X-chat,
konversation appears to be an X-chat clone for KDE. Personally I don't
like gui irc clients so I run irssi-text.

> Is there a way I could I find out the answer to that question by myself?

You could use something like:

apt-cache search irc
apt-cache search kde irc

kirc appears to be some kde irc client for KDE 1.1 (long since dead).

There is also kopete which is a KDE IM program with an IRC plugin.

Kvirc 3 is the best irc client for linux. It uses QT and thus blends
seamlessly into your kde environment. Forget about xchat. It is crap.
Kvirc 2 is in unstable and it is ok, but you really should try to install
kvirc 3 as it has a lot of nice features.

Homepage is here:

CVS snapshot debs are here:

I have had various problems with those though, so I always compile my own
version from cvs sources.

I alsu use gaim - an AOL IM client for gnome (I have gnome & kde both
installed, so the gnome libraries are there for running gnome specific
apps, even when running KDE.)  It does IM from AOL, Yahoo messenger, &
some others, IIRC.

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