Modules for WIFI

Stephen Schroder
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 05:52:41 -0800

I wanted to go to the meeting.  I have a new laptop that is WIFI 
enabled, but so far it just has MS XP Pro on it.  If I could afford an 
extra HD right now I would buy one for use with Debian.  But as it is, I 
can only afford to resize the partition to make room for Debian, then 
dual boot.

I am interested in IRC and some of the more esoteric modalities you have 
mentioned.  So I can learn about them using my desktop computer, which 
runs Debian, could anyone suggest some packages to download and install, 
and what they are for?  Please indicate if they are apt-gettable, 
otherwise I shall need a URL.

Thanks in advance.


Nothing is going to work because you want it to work, just to please you.  You have to make the damn thing work.  -Thomas A. Edison