Hey, So, THAT Was Fun, Huh?

Evan Prodromou evan@debian.org
13 Jun 2001 23:38:20 -0700

>>>>> "EP" == Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org> writes:

    EP> 1. Key signers download the party keyring from this URL:

    EP> http://evan.prodromou.san-francisco.ca.us/bad-keyparty-13-jun.gpg

    EP> [...] 
    EP> For Alice to sign Bob's key, she would do a command like this:

    EP> gpg --keyring /path/to/bad-meeting-17-Feb-2001.gpg --sign-key "Bob" --local-user "Alice"

Urgh, well, that's what I get for recycling the last keysigning
HOWTO. Of course, this should be:

        gpg --keyring /path/to/bad-keyparty-13-jun.gpg --sign-key "Bob" --local-user "Alice"

"/path/to" is hypothetical, of course. If you actually have a
"/path/to" directory, you are in violation of the FHS and will be
punished to the full legal extent of debian-policy.


Evan Prodromou