Hey, So, THAT Was Fun, Huh?

Evan Prodromou evan@debian.org
13 Jun 2001 23:31:04 -0700

Wow! I had a real good time tonight, and I hope everyone else did,
too. We talked a bit about doing a B.A.D.* meeting on the 2nd
Wednesday of every month, alternating between the East Bay and San
Francisco. Sounds like a good plan, so bookmark July 11th for a
location TBD in the East Bay (probly Berkeley).

For those of you who participated in the Key Signing Aspect, the
keyring is obtainable at the following URL:


The process for completing the signatures is listed at the end of this
message. Please try to get your keyring w/ signatures back to me w/in
a week, please. I don't want to have to chase you down!

Thanks to everyone who came, very lively and interesting GT.


* "Bay Area Debian," of course. Big Audio Dynamite can arrange their
  own damn meetings.



1. Key signers download the party keyring from this URL:


2. For each name on their keyring printout that has two checks
   (identified, fingerprint matches), sign that key in the
   keyring. For Alice to sign Bob's key, she would do a command like

       gpg --keyring /path/to/bad-meeting-17-Feb-2001.gpg --sign-key "Bob" --local-user "Alice"

   Remember, keep the keyring separate.

3. Once all the signatures have been added, send your copy of the
   keyring back to the organizer (evan@debian.org). This copy will now
   have all your signatures in it.

4. The organizer will combine all the signatures together, and make
   the new, merged keyring available.


Evan Prodromou