BAD KSP (was Re: list still alive?)

Nick Moffitt
Sun, 3 Jun 2001 14:39:10 -0700

begin  Sean Rhea quotation:
> > Downside:  People arriving on BART would have to walk about 1 km
> > or take one of the University shuttle-buses.  Walking's good for
> > you lot.
> The University Perimeter shuttle (P bus) goes right from BART to
> Hearst and Euclid and costs only a quarter, for those too lazy
> (smart) to walk.  :)

	If it's walking yer afraid of (and I note that the walk is up
a steepish hill), there's always Au Coquelet on University near the
old Landmark UC Theatre (RIP).  Step out of the Downtown Berkeley
BART, walk North along Shattuck to University, and turn left.  Walk to
the next corner and you're there.

	They've got a nice sunlit back room that's good for largish
groups, and they serve sandwiches and pastries as well as coffee and
teas and so forth.  

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