BAD KSP (was Re: list still alive?)

Evan Prodromou
02 Jun 2001 19:03:59 -0700

>>>>> "JH" == Joey Hess <> writes:

    >> Hmm, there have been no posts since april even though several
    >> emails addressed to the list have bounced through my box (the
    >> old sever) in the past couple of days. Just want to make sure
    >> the list is functional.

    JH> Seems to be working, so I apoligize for the traffic (this
    JH> message serves as one more test).

Hey, I appreciate it, because I've been meaning to post lately,

I've received a couple of key-signing requests, and I was thinking
maybe we could have another B.A.D. key-signing-and-food-and-beer-or-whatever
party sometime in the near future.

Anybody else into it? I know it won't be the same without JoeyH, but
what can we do? We must move on.


Evan Prodromou