Alan DuBoff Alan DuBoff <>
Sun, 19 Aug 2001 13:20:51 -0700

Rob Helmer wrote:

> Yes, I did it on my 2.2 system when Progeny came out ( I pre-ordered
> disks ).
> Went rather well, I'm using it right now

The thing I was wanting to do with Progeny is that, more often than not a
client will demand Red Hat be installed/used for a project because they feel
they get support. This irks me to no end, because I hate working on a Red Hat

Progeny, in the shrink wrap form does come with some support, even though it
can be downloaded and installed freely, since it's GPL. Since Progeny is
essentially a commercial version of Debian, with support, I'm hoping it will
be an alternative to get people who would normally turn to Red Hat over to


Alan DuBoff
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