GPL and Linux/BSD InstallFest

Alan DuBoff Alan DuBoff <>
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 20:03:47 -0700

Rick Moen wrote:

> Compare to:  MetroX, AcceleratedX.

Understood, and I was just curious how it is installed, in which directories.
The compiler is GPL I think (maybe I'm wrong with that assumption), and it
ships as tools of OSX. The GUI is proprietary, so must be seperated also. I
was just curious <sound of ducking>

> It is unclear what your term "separated" means, in this context.
> However, you can, if you wish, figure it out empirically if you
> attend this Sunday's BayLISA annual picnic w/Linux and BSD InstallFest,
> in Saratoga.  See: (w/ maps and
> directions) or the corresponding entry on
> That would work because I'll be bringing my kit of InstallFest CD-ROMs,
> including Apple Darwin x86 v. 1.3.1.  That is a 100% open-source / free
> software (iff you accept APSL as such) BSD distribution.  As packaged
> on the CD-ROM, it's roughly equivalent to NetBSD, except it does not
> include X11 packages (which are available from XFree86, separately) or
> any equivalent such as Apple's Quartz/Aqua code.

Actually, that might work for me, but could I install Debian? I have two
systems I just acquired and both have Mac OS 7.xJ. I have the Mac OS 7.x CD,
but the versions of netscape are pretty outdated. for it, like v3.x era. One
machine is a PowerMac 7200, and I think it has 64mb of memory...not sure. This
I would like to put woody ppc on.

The other machine is an old Apple IIsi, and that of course would need Debian
M68k. Both have ethernet adapters inside of them, so I was hoping to let my
son play with these, and put them in his room. The IIsi will not have a
monitor hooked onto it, and will be accessed through ssh from the 7200. This I
would take any M68k of Debian if you have the CD for it.

Do you have either of those flavors of Debian on CD already? I have some old
potato ppc CDs, but I'd like to use a Rev3 if possible. The M68k is not as
critical what version as long as you had a version. Otherwise I can download
and burn a CD I guess.

I only have one keyboard, one mouse, one monitor, for both of the boxes, so
will need to install seperately.


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.