the Linux 10th Anniversary Picnic & Barbecue

Mike Markley
Sun, 5 Aug 2001 15:57:36 -0700

Hey guys,

Apparently there's a 10th anniversary picnic/barbecue going on in
Sunnyvale on 8/25. Free burgers and dogs to people who RSVP (even veggie
burgers, yuck), and it's intended to be a family thing as well. More info
(and a form to RSVP) at .

Anther thing... since it seems we have no official leaders, just the common
setup of "whoever's been here longest and done the most useful stuff is the
most respected", I wanted to know what everyone thought of sending in a link
to saying that we're "promoting" Linux10. I could certainly
add a note to the "Upcoming Events" section of the page, and if there's
enough interest it could definitely serve as a BAD get-together of a sort,
too. Thoughts? Comments? Flames?

Mike Markley <>
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