Need advocate

Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:10:08 -0700

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 04:46:28PM -0700, Michael S. Fischer wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 04:39:14PM -0700, David Schleef wrote:
> > The appropriate course of action for #99642 is to send your patch
> > to and add a "patch" tag.  There is no
> > reason to do an NMU.
> I already sent a patch to the package maintainer; he has yet to
> integrate it.

As noted, the appropriate course of action is to send it to the BTS with a
"patch" tag, so that a developer could NMU _if the bug was RC_.  Which it
is not.

> Isn't the purpose of NMUs to cover for, er, "busy" developers?  I see
> people like Joey Hess doing this all the time.
> I want to help Debian be a better distribution, but if I have to keep
> jumping through hoops in order to become an "official" developer, I'm
> afraid it's not going to be worth my time.

As someone who jumped through these hoops and then waited for months in
the new maintainer queue for no reason, it feels a bit odd to be arguing
from this perspective, but: 

If you don't know when to NMU and what are the appropriate actions to take
before doing so (or at least where to look this up before making incorrect
assumptions), I personally don't think you're ready to be an "offical"

> Isn't being able to fix bugs enough?

As I understand it, it's expected that you will be the maintainer for one 
or more packages, or otherwise do substantial work in some other area,
such as an architecture port, boot floppies, etc.

If all you want to do is fix a couple bugs (or lots of bugs), send patches
to the BTS.