Debian on G3 PowerBook

Alan DuBoff
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 02:24:24 -0700

Joey Hess wrote:

> Drop by Debian's booth at Linuxworld to talk to Daniel Jacobowitz, one
> of the main PPC porters. The PPC port is slated for release with Debian
> 2.2 in a few weeks.


You made my night/morning...whatever it is...

You see, I'm not as fortunate as some of you, I was working at a company that
was recentely aquired by 3Com, which was good and bad. Good in the sense that
I've always admired Bob Metcalf for being one of the first to stand up and say
what an @$$#O!E Bill Gates was...but bad in the sense that 3Com is no better
than many of the other Corporations that uses Windows for all it's
needs...which ultimately slammed down on me with Lotus Notes (friggin' IBM
doesn't have a Linux client). Now, that would be a blessing if Lotus would
announce a Notes client for Linux...<sound of fingers crossing>

This is where the PowerBook steps in, it will let me run Notes, so I told them
I need a PowerBook instead of a Windows workstation. My theory is that if I
have to use some proprietary system, I might as well use the Mac. They will
still give me Linux machines that I will maintain, but I don't want any
Windows machines around me if I can help it.

However, even cooler IMO, is the Sony Vaio PictureBook, a small 400mhz PII
palmtop/laptop with a small screen and a camera build into it. I've not seen
the camera working with Linux, but we use those as a demo server in tandem
with our radio. Linux runs fine on those, and while the monitor is only
1024x480 (about half a screen), it has a NeoMagic chip that X runs on fine.
I've heard there is a Linux driver that some guy wrote, and he probably wrote
it somewhere...:-/

I'll stop by the booth at LinuxWorld, I'm planning to take my radio with me,
and I can probably demonstrate it on the net connection there (do they give
you DHCP or static IPs?). Are you guys going to have potato CDs there? I could
use one of them...that floppy install is gettin' old...;-) A couple weeks
sounds like perfect timing...

And my floppy hat got dirty, put dibs on a new one if your gonna have them,
I'll pay for it, no problem.


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.