Debian Attitudes

Alan DuBoff
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 22:39:10 -0700

Rick Moen wrote:

> That and similar issues are one reason why I wanted to make sure you're
> aware of apt-find.

While the GNOME libs are an annoyance, I do run GNOME on almost every Linux
and FreeBSD install. In all fairness, I run KDE on a database server machine,
because I feel it's a more stable environment.

IOW, I'm not about to endorse GNOME for stability, but I do feel it's the best
GUI enhancements to come to any flavor of x. I am willing to use it as I think
it offers more advantages than it does disadvantages.

Gtk+ would have been a better compromise, since GNOME uses it, but there are
several reasons to use GNOME I 'spose, and I'm not sure who exactly decided to
use GNOME, not that it matters, it's not a bad choice.


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.