I've learned my lesson...<sigh>

David Welton davidw@master.debian.org
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 13:03:59 -0500

On Mon, Jul 05, 1999 at 10:48:51AM -0700, Jonathan Jefferies wrote:

> > > On the contrary.  I've never actually used dselect.  I saw
> > > Rick Moen's initial four-day install experience....

dselect isn't that difficult for anyone familiar with DOS/unixish
character based programs, IMO.  I figured it out when I first
installed Debian in late '96, and while I've never thought it was a
paragon of UI design, it does its job.  The group I really wouldn't
recommend it for are those who have experience only with windows/mac
kinds of things.

Anyone who can deal with the vagaries of the vi editor should have no
trouble at all with dselect.

> > The beauty of this story lies in the way it grows with each retelling.
> There have been several points where if I thought that the Debian
> install process could be limited to JUST 4 DAYS, I'd have been happy
> to sit at the feet of the master to learn how.

Put the CD in, boot the computer, follow the instructions.  It takes
me about an hour.  The first install I did took a long time and was
quite hellish, but that was because of the hardware in the computer (I
had a proprietary CDROM drive that wasn't even labeled right, so I had
to figure out what it *really* was).

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