linuxworld update

Joey Hess
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:34:41 -0800

Hi all. It turns out I can provide each of you with personalized exhibitor
badges for linuxworld, this will let you in free every day, will let you
come to setup day if you can, will let you bring equipment onto the show
floor, and probably has perks I don't know of. :-) If you want one, send me
your snail mail address. Deadline for this is the 15th.

The sticking point now is table and chairs. Sudhakar Chandrasekharan says he
has a couple of directors chairs that he can bring. I want a total of at
least 4 chairs, 6 would be better. We also still need 2 folding tables. If
you have either, please contact me.

I found out today that booths don't even come with electricity. Sigh. I'll
probably have to pay for it. But I'm no electrician so someone please tell me 
how many amps a typical computer draws? They charge per amp.. :-(

see shy jo