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A)  the landlord needs to get the police involved anyway for the break in. He should make sure the check  is listed on the police report as stolen.

B) no one here has  cited a  single law, just common sense. Banking laws  often  don't follow common sense, and  often tellers don't  know the  laws either.

C) from a contract standpoint you're fine, but you  may be required to cooperate to help recover  the money(plus  that  just makes sense to preserve your relationship).

D) this is  the one I'm not sure about, (I'll edit tonight when  I get home and  look it up)  but you should be able to  get the money re-credited to your account. The bank  gave your money  to someone you did  not authorized and without your permission. The bank is  liable  in that situation. It  is possible that they know  it and are trying to avoid  the loss  by giving you the run-around. Also possible that they don't know the law. Like I said, I'll update tonight (with cites to the law)when I  get home.

I would tell the landlord I  would work with the bank  to see what I could do, that they will probably  need his cooperation, and that a  copy of the police report would be very helpful.

 You obviously won't pay  twice, but the whole point of paying by check  is  that it is safer than cash, so  the bank is going to be liable to one of you  for  messing up by cashing for  someone else.

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