ANNOUNCEMENT: BAD Meeting 7:10pm 2017-07-12 @ Henry's Hunan 110 Natoma, SF

Elizabeth K. Joseph lyz at
Fri Jul 7 09:48:19 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,

We'll be having a Bay Area Debian (BAD) dinner in San Francisco coming
up on Wednesday the 12th of July.

There hasn't been a BAD dinner in over a year, and the Debian 9,
"Stretch" release ( came out
just a few weeks ago, so there should be plenty to talk about!

You're also welcome to bring government-issued ID and printouts of
your GPG key fingerprint if you wish to do a keysigning. I'll bring
mine so at least you'll be able to sign my key, even if I'm not a
Debian Developer :)

Who: Anyone interested in Debian
What: Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting
When: 2017-07-12 7:10pm - 'till whenever (they close at 9)
Where: Henry's Hunan Restaurant, 110 Natoma St., San Francisco
Why: To see each other in person and because we love Debian!

110 Natoma Street (between New Montgomery & 2nd, Mission & Howard)
San Francisco, CA 94105

We'll have a BAD sign near our table with the Debian logo, as well as
a Stretch (purple octopus) toy on the table. I'll also bring along
some stickers to give away.

For those that may wonder what to do with their time before the BAD
meeting, there is also, preceding and quite nearby at the Starbucks at
74 New Montgomery Street:

Ubuntu Hour San Francisco:

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph || Lyz || pleia2

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