ANNOUNCEMENT: BAD meeting evening of W 2012-03-14 (SF) (Noisebridge: Debian upgrade, and/or dinner to follow)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at
Mon Mar 12 18:44:19 PDT 2012

A Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting, of slightly different sort, in two
parts, come to either and/or both parts as one may wish.

PART A: 6-8pm at Noisebridge (Linux Discussion, Debian upgrade, etc.)
Noisebridge - cool and interesting place - worth checking out if you've
not been, and also, this Wednesday evening at that time:

I'll be doing a Debian upgrade from there at the Noisebridge Linux
Discussion (which happens there Wednesday evenings, 6-8p)
So, if you're interested in checking out Noisebridge, or seeing someone
do a Debian upgrade (or maybe just want to see how someone else does it,
or may know someone who'd like to see that done - including remotely and
with some LVM and qemu-kvm involved on a "real" (okay - small, virtual)
server - but it does host - certainly do feel free to come
or invite others or point them to this meeting.  If you've not been
before, you'll definitely want to review some of the details below.
(no obligation to come or come for that whole time if you may not be
*that* interested - see also further below).

Noisebridge <> is a cool and interesting place.
Among other activities there, Noisebridge hosts:
Linux Discussion meets every Wednesday from 6 PM to 8 PM in the Turing
classroom (where I'll be doing the Debian upgrade this Wednesday).

If you'd like to come and have not been to Noisebridge before, be sure
and also check out their information on:
Visitor advice:
Getting Here:
Getting In:
I'll be outside the front door of the building a bit before 6pm, and
then inside hopefully by around 6pm.  The above "Getting In" information
may be quite useful, or one might be waiting a bit at the building door.
Also, if one mentions "Noisebridge", "Linux Discussion", and "Turing
classroom", folks may be more likely to let you in and/or know how to
point you in the appropriate direction, than mentioning "BAD" or "Bay
Area Debian" (e.g. folks responding to buzzer/bell may not be familiar
with BAD).  I'll stick Bay Area Debian (BAD) sign outside doorway of the
Turing classroom.  (Once one's entered the Noisebridge space on the 3rd
floor, the Turing classroom is a fair bit back off to one's left,
relative to the 3rd floor entry into the Noisebridge space.)

More detail on the Debian upgrade I'll be doing can be found here:
(towards the last bottom section of that wiki page - will be updated
more before the Wednesday meeting).

You're "of course" not obligated to come at 6pm - if you want to drop in
later, that's certainly fine too (e.g. just check out the space &
Noisebridge a bit before PART B, below).

PART B: Dinner in The Mission (district, SF)
Almost immediately following "PART A", above.  As long as we've got at
least 2 or more people (including me) interested in dinner (presumably
Mexican) in The Mission District in San Francisco, we'll decide where
and proceed there fairly shortly after "PART A" above ... namely:
8:00 P.M. discuss dinner, etc. and pack up from location from PART A,
above. (catch us between 8p and 8:15p at PART A location, or as we leave
8:15 P.M. - exit the building right around 8:15 P.M. (if you're stuck or
waiting outside building front gate, we'll wait and swing by there right
around 8:15 P.M. - so you can catch us as we exit the building - I'll be
wearing at least one Debian lanyard).  We'll then proceed to some nearby
(to be determined between about 8 and 8:15 P.M.) restaurant - something
close and reasonable walking distance from Noisebridge and the 16th
Street BART station (fairly likely to be right on Mission St.).  I think
some of the Noisebridge (& Linux Discussion there) "regulars" may have
particularly useful current quite local restaurant
advice/recommendations, so I'll defer on making "final" decision on
restaurant until around that time (and also depending who shows up and
is most interested in dinner where, etc.).

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