ANNOUNCEMENT - Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting 2012-05-09 Oakland (rather near UDS)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at
Tue Apr 24 07:08:24 PDT 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT - Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting 2012-05-09 Oakland  
(rather near UDS)

pre-meeting keysinging (approximately 6:05-6:45 p.m. by UDS - see further
below), and ...

Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting
2012-05-09 7:00 P.M. PDT
Legendary Palace (restaurant)
708 Franklin St. (between 7th St & 8th St)
Oakland, CA 94607-3932
"Close enough" (within a few blocks) to be rather convenient (quite
walkable) from the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS -,
downtown Oakland, BART (5 minute walk from 11th St. exit of the 12th St.
BART station exit), AC transit (numerous routes on Broadway), Oakland Ferry
Terminal (13 minute walk, or about 8 minutes by bus), etc., yet
"far enough" ;-) away, to not be overrun with UDS attendees and the more
general "downtown" crowd.  Definitely more of an Oakland Chinatown
locals "crowd" kind of restaurant and food, than the more "touristy"
"Chinese" cuisine ... but the restaurant is huge, so it's generally not
overcrowded on a typical weeknight (but peak weekend times may be quite
another matter).  We may dine "family style" if folks are amenable to
such, but that's by no means a requirement.

Keysigning - watch this space for
details/updates, but the general plan is meet around
2012-05-09 6:05 P.M. PDT
Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS -,
(at Oakland Marriott City Center (1001 Broadway between 10th & 11th
Streets, very close to BART (12th St. station), AC Transit, etc.)
probably as close to Grand Ballroom A as public (not registered for UDS)
folks can get, look for keysigning (and Bay Area Debian) signs.
At about 6:45 P.M., we'll depart for the BAD dinner meeting.

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