rsync alternative? (too many files)

Seth David Schoen schoen at
Mon Mar 7 18:54:27 PST 2011

Tony Godshall writes:

> Yes, what I need is for the destination to have the same hardlink structure
> as the source- it's a file by file backup of a bunch of machines and many
> of the files were identical and will never be written and we don't care about
> mtimes so they've been hardlinked.  That's what I mean when I say the
> amount of storage will go way up if I rsync directory by directory without -r
> each directory entry will duplicate a copy of the file

So, duplicating inode uniqueness/nonuniqueness structure will
accomplish this, which is why you can use find -printf with %i
and %p together with sort and uniq to get information sufficient
to recreate the hardlink structure. :-)

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