USENIX WebApps '10 Call for Papers Now Available

Lionel Garth Jones lgj at
Fri May 1 10:10:49 PDT 2009

On behalf of the Program Committee, I would like to invite you to submit
your work to the USENIX Conference on Web Application Development
(WebApps '10).

WebApps '10 is a new technical conference designed to bring together
experts in all aspects of developing and deploying Web applications.

Suggested topics related to Web application development include but  
are not limited to:

* Computing substrates and deployment technologies ("cloud computing")
* Frameworks for developing Web applications
* Client-side toolkits, libraries, and plug-ins
* Storage systems
* Security issues for Web applications
* Management techniques for large-scale Web applications
* Languages for Web applications
* Scalability issues and techniques
* Techniques for creating highly interactive Web applications
* Software as a service
* Applications that illustrate interesting new features or  
implementation techniques
* Performance measurements of Web applications
* Real-time data delivery over the Web
* Web services

Paper submissions are due by January 11, 2010.

The Call for Papers, with submission guidelines, can be found at

The USENIX Conference on Web Application Development (WebApps '10) will
take place June 20–25, 2010, in Boston, MA. The technical sessions will
take place on June 23–25.

I look forward to receiving your submissions!


John Ousterhout, Stanford University
WebApps '10 Program Chair
webapps10chair at

Call for Papers:
USENIX Conference on Web Application Development (WebApps '10)
June 20–25, 2010
Boston, MA
Paper submissions deadline: January 11, 2010

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