BerkeleyTIP Feb 7 Sat Global Meeting - Ekiga3, Asterisk, KDE, GPGPU, Debian Edu, GStreamer

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Tue Feb 3 05:43:27 PST 2009

** Great talks this meeting: (live & on video) **
Ekiga3, Asterisk, GPGPU, GStreamer, Debian Edu,
HowTo Present KDE at meetings

Join from anywhere via VOIP conference,
with the friendly, educational, productive, BerkeleyTIP people.  :)
Join the #berkeleytip IRC channel for help getting your
VOIP working.

Or, come to the UC Berkeley physical meeting location.

Programming Party: Whatever you want to work on, or group VOIP

*****  FEB 7 SCHEDULE  (California PacificStandardTime = -8h GMT)  *****
Time   Activity & Talks
----   -------------------------------------
10 A   Setup. Installfest begin. IRC & VOIP online
11     Ekiga 3 VOIP HowTo - Live
12 N   Asterisk Free Software Telephone System
 1 P       "
 2     GPGPU - General Purpose computing w/ Graphics Processing Units
 3         "
 4     Debian Edu - 100% in main
 5     GStreamer Multimedia Framework
 6     HowTo Rock the Show with KDE
 630   - Cleanup

[Adjust for your local time:  10AM - 6:30PM PST = 1PM - 9:30PM Eastern
= 6PM - 2:30AM GMT]

Ekiga 3 VOIP HowTo Install -   1h
Live - Most distros only have version 2

The Asterisk Free Software Telephone System - Paul Charles Leddy - 1h23m 

GPGPU - General Purpose GPUs - John Stone - 1h43m

Debian Edu 100% in main - Holger Levsen - 1h

GStreamer Multimedia Framework - Richard Spiers - 42m

How to rock the show with KDE - Lydia Pintscher - 30m
- "How to present the KDE project at a conference."

**  Download the talk videos you want to see the day _before_ the
meeting, so your internet connection is free to do VOIP, & not consumed
with the video download.  :)

Join the mailing list, say "Hi", & introduce yourself, or just follow
the discussions.
Click "Join this group" on the right side of the page.

==  We'll probably be meeting at the FreeSpeech Cafe at Moffitt
Undergrad Library, as usual.  See the BTIP web site for the map link &
directions, important things to bring, & any last minute

*****  BRING VOIP HEADSET-MICROPHONE !!!!! :)  *****
I'd like to minimize use of laptop speakers audio output, because that
creates possible feedback problems into other users microphone inputs.

==  Please RSVP if > 50% probability you'll attend Berkeley location
Please _do_ come even if you haven't RSVP'd.  :)
The RSVPs just ensure we can plan ahead to have enough of any necessary
facilities for everyone.  RSVP's are not necessary, but are appreciated.
 Thanks.  :)
RSVP either directly to my email address, or to the BTIP mailing list.

Join our effort to bring the BerkeleyTIP monthly meetings to local
in-person gatherings at Colleges & Universities everywhere.    :)

You are encouraged to do any of these you want to:
1) Organize a local meeting at a college or university.
   - A WIFI cafe, or classroom, is a great place to meet.  :)
2) Invite attendees by email - you can forward, and add to, this email.
3) Put up meeting announcement posters where appropriate - 
   -  see the BTIP site for the current poster 8.5x11 inch ODF file.

DO: Join the BTIP mailing list & let's discuss & share ideas about how
to make this a success.  :)

It's easy.  Bring a video camera, tripod, lapel pin microphone, &
microphone cable.  Or, just put your camera within about 5-10 feet from
the speaker.  Put your video online - the internet archive is a great

Be sure to send me a link.  :)    I'll try to schedule all newly
recorded videos into the next BerkeleyTIP meeting.  :)

You are invited to forward this email wherever appropriate.
Pass the word on, encourage other people to attend the meeting,
& encourage the growth, improvement & strengthening of all
Public Property, Community, "Free as in Freedom & FreeSpeech" software. 


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