glen martin glenm at
Wed Mar 1 14:57:07 PST 2006

Sean Perry wrote:

> Michael Cheselka wrote:
>> Is this group defunct?  Is the email list working?
> we have slowly lost all of the actual Debian developers and work for 
> many of us has been either iffy or hectic. I haven't been able to 
> attend a BAD in some time. Couple that with the "no SF, no Berkeley, 
> hey what about us South Bay people" and you get the classic Bay Area 
> issues.
> Shotgun rules still apply. Call a meeting, see who shows up. If no one 
> does, try choosing another location next time (-:
I noticed things were being very quiet and came within a hairbreadth of 
calling shotgun for Feb, until I discovered I had a conflict for Feb and 
Mar too. For all that my evenings are not actually that busy, I seem to 
have had BAD luck for the past few months.


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