Sean Perry shaleh at
Wed Mar 1 14:28:38 PST 2006

Michael Cheselka wrote:
> Is this group defunct?  Is the email list working? No
> email since 12/31/05 - software broken by the new year?

we have slowly lost all of the actual Debian developers and work for 
many of us has been either iffy or hectic. I haven't been able to attend 
a BAD in some time. Couple that with the "no SF, no Berkeley, hey what 
about us South Bay people" and you get the classic Bay Area issues.

Shotgun rules still apply. Call a meeting, see who shows up. If no one 
does, try choosing another location next time (-:

I now work in Richmod and ride the BART to Fremont (home). Anywhere 
along the train is fair game for me. Berkeley being an obvious choice.

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