MacWorld - free exhibits only pass <= 2005-11-05 with Priority Code: B0201

Michael Paoli
Fri Oct 21 19:53:26 PDT 2005

Unfortunately without a Priority Code, the Exhibits Only pass/registration
appears to no longer be free.
With Priority Code: B0201
Exhibits Only pass/registration is apparently free through 2005-11-05.

There may possibly be other Priority Codes that allow
free Exhibits Only pass/registration subsequent to 2005-11-05.

MacWorld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2006
January 9-13, 2006
The Moscone Center

No, it's not LINUX, ... but it does have a Unix (BSD/Darwin) flavor under
there, and can run lots of applications that are also common to many
LINUX distributions and UNIX and BSD flavors, e.g.:
And of course much of the Mac hardware can also run non-Apple operating
system(s), e.g.:

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