Userlinux support in the Bay Area

Ian Zimmerman
30 Mar 2005 20:47:17 -0800

Tony> Look, it's not like they are forcing anyone to use the packages
Tony> they choose.  And your favorite not-on-their-list app is still
Tony> just an apt-get away.

Tony> They're just saying that there's a particular suite of apps that
Tony> will be found in a system bearing the UserLinux brand.

Tony> And a group of vendors committed to support that suite.

Tony> This will help companies choose to use Debian.

Tony> Because if a worker sits down at a UserLinux workstation, they
Tony> know they'll have Gnome, and Openoffice, and the menus will look a
Tony> certain way, etc.

The menus should always look a certain way if the menu package is
installed, no matter what desktop or window manager.

Tony> If someone sits down at a Debian workstation, who knows what
Tony> they'll have.  It could be KDE, it could be Gnome, it could be
Tony> Blackbox or Fluxbox.  This isn't bad for people like you and me
Tony> but it frustrates and confuses users.

Tony> Userlinux is good for end-user types and business.  It balances
Tony> vendor-neutrality and ease-of-use consistency.

I agree with most of what you write, but I fear the ugly social
phenomenon known as "momentum" could eventually mean the alternatives
drop into second-class status and then into oblivion.

I wonder which is the best virus for unix and if I can write
a better one in Microsoft BASIC ?
Hans-Marc Olsen in comp.unix.programmer