Anyone interested in doing a EFF PVR build-in?

Tony Godshall Tony Godshall <>
Tue, 1 Mar 2005 08:02:52 -0800

According to Tony Godshall,
> ... as described in...
> I can host a half dozen or so at my apt in Alameda.
> My cable brings in, I think, a couple of free HDTV
> channels, and we get 3Mbps.
> Alameda is not as handy as some places, but it's only
> a short bus ride from downtown SF or downtown Oakland.
> I'd happy go elsewhere too.
> If folks are interested, I'll announce a meeting for a
> Saturday following the BAD meeting.

Hi, folks

The pcHDTV-3000 card that EFF is recommending is apparently
antenna-reception only.  Should be able to get hdtv
reception here at the appartment, at least according to the
website they refer us to.

But for cable, it looks like I need the Air2PC card, and it 
looks like they are back-ordered till April, tho the pcHDTV 
cards are still available (by mail order).  So I won't be
ready to do HDTV till then, but I'm happy to host the
build-in anyway, just to get the base system together and
capable of recording analog.  

So let's schedule an initial build-in for folks who have
their hardware together or want to set up the base system
and another for May.

Does Sat. 13 March at 10 AM work for people?  Who'd be 
coming?  I'm near Webster St in Alameda.

I'll do another one once my Air2PC card comes in.