ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a BAD meeting at 7pm on Wed 10 March at Fry's Fremont Cafe

Tony Godshall Tony Godshall <>
Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:24:48 -0800

Back to the South end of the Bay for the first time in a
long while, we'll meet at 7pm in the Cafe at Fry's Fremont.

The cafe at Fry's has soups and sandwiches and espressos and 
soft drinks.  No alcohol.  Minors are welcome.

To get there...

1. I-680 to Auto Mall, go West
2. at first light, right onto Osgood
3. right into lot.

1. I-580 to Auto Mall, go East
2. just before I-680, left onto Osgood
3. first right into lot.

BART to Fremont BART, and then bike five miles...
it looks like a fairly bike-friendly route is
1. Southest to big park
2. continue through park Southeast to SE corner of park 
   (1 mile from BART)
3. go SE on Paseo Padre and follow as it turns E (1.5 mi)
4. Right on Driscoll, it turns into Osgood.  Fry's on left
in 2.2 miles.

Transit for pedestrians is available but it tends to be very 
commuter-oriented.  If you need it, I recommend the regional trip

... or ask for a ride here.  I'll drive if I can put
together a carpool from Berkeley/Oakland/Alameda folks 
(meet at e.g. Rockridge BART)

The ulterior motive for holding the meeting at Fry's is to
prep for a PVR.  I'll be hosting an EFF PVR Build-In
in Alameda probably the Saturday ten days following.

Hopefully I have complied fully my obligations under
the meeting rules

-- Tony Godshall