ANNOUNCEMENT: BAD mtg WedJan14 6P@TripRock-Berkeley, wifiWWBAD-HackathonAGoGo

Mon, 12 Jan 2004 21:04:24 -0800

"We are going to..." The Wed January 14 BAD meeting, 6PM ~ 11PM, at
Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley, 1920 Shattuck, 1.5 blocks north of
University.  Well behaved persons of all ages, oldtimers, newtimers,
firsttimers welcome. :)

Whoever gets there first please make a Debian sign or swirl out of
materials available onsite, ala McGalver.

All the usual suspects:  Anything of interest to people w/ an interest in

Extra Credit: Bring your wifi'd laptop & let's get a wifi repeater going
to bring wifi to BAD, & BAD to the world!

It's near the F Transbay Express line, for folks coming through San
Francisco by bus.

If coming by car, take the MLK exit off I-880/Hwy 24 or the University
Ave exit off I-80.

>From the website:

Getting to Triple Rock is simple. From BART, exit at Downtown Berkeley,
and go North on Shattuck Avenue 3 1/2 blocks to 1920 Shattuck; you'll see
the classic neon sign on your left. Driving from San Francisco, Marin, or
other points, find your way to the 580/80 freeway, take the University
Avenue exit, go a couple of miles east, and take a left on Shattuck
Avenue; Triple Rock is 1 1/2 blocks up. From Cal Berkeley, head west; the
pub is 2 blocks from campus near the corner of Hearst Avenue. Call
510-THE-BREW for personalized directions.

[Thanks Tony.  :)]
   [Mapquest has killed the images from the stars?!]

If you are a robot of the future who will be stuck in our dimension
forever if you attend the BAD meeting, come and join us.  :)

Someone care to bring
Debian/Knoppix/RH/Aisanux/AIX/Solaris/BSD/Hurd/fully-SCO-approved CDs?

See you there. :)

wifi-WWBAD & Hackathon-A-GoGo

Optional for anyone interested in taking part:

Another event filled episode in the "Bring a little BADness to the entire
world" series.  The World Wide BAD meeting & Hackathon-A-GoGo (We supply
the hackfest, BYO GoGo person or mecha).

[Also functioning as preparation for the The WW GNU/Linux Video
Featuring GPL SW & Community Distros ]

[Bring your wifi'd laptop & 6+foot multi-outlet power cord extender. 
We'll work on gettin an IRC channel up so that persons can "attend" "the"
BAD meeting "remotely" "."]

Here's the deal:  Last I checked, there is no open wifi signal seen from
the TRB.  But, there is an open signal usually available a short ways

So, the goal for this meeting is to get a wifi signal to the TRB [& thus
enable people to get on IRC w/ their laptops at the BAD meeting,
providing access to the meeting to remote attendees].

One possible way to do that is by running hostap on something, like
perhaps on the HPOmnibook(800?) sold last meeting by TG.  It's updated to
Debian=testing.  Currently needs to get wifi sw & card installed.

Tony, or anyone, got a floppy or cd drive that works off that computer's
mini connector [to loan for the meeting]?  Tony - do you have a wifi card
that can be used on it?  Anyone got a f-f serial cable to connect that
computer to another via ppp to update it?

I've got a prism2 wifi card, which needs external antennas.  Can anyone
loan 1 or 2 of the mini-connector antennas for use this meeting?  I've
also got a mini-connector to standard screw type antenna/coax connector -
anyone got a regualar antenna for loan?

Or, perhaps someone could bring a wifi repeater?  Put it in a car parked
between TRB & the wifi signal source.  I've got a 12V-110V inverter.

Any interesting steps to a WWBAD wifi'd meeting are encouraged.  Bring
your hw, sw, ideas, & development skills. :)

Some history of BAD for the BAD history archives:
A Brief History of BAD meetings I've called:

July, Carl's Jr, San Jose, "Bring laptops"
   - 1st mass wifi'd laptop BAD mtg?
     5-10 laptop users present
Oct, Berkeley Espresso, Berk, "WWDebVideoConf"
   - 1st inet wifi'd BAD meeting?
Nov, QCup, Fremont, "Get wifi & IRC".
   - Congratulations 1st remote BAD attendee,
     Tony Godshall, joining from ?Nebraska? via email & wifi.

January, TRock, Berkeley, "Goal: wifi repeater/server, connect to IRC"

-- - Same, same, but different…