Spam sorting (was Re: Install assistance needed in Berkeley area)

Nick Moffitt
Fri, 2 Jan 2004 18:39:18 -0800

begin  Nick Moffitt  quotation:
> 	The big thing I did that cut down greatly on my spam reading
> was welcoming in more spam.  I opened up all sorts of old aliases that
> I had cut down as too waterlogged to be any good, and started using my
> main address in more publicly visible places.  This is the key to
> bayesian filtering:  The more spam you *get*, the less you have to
> *read*!

	I forgot to also mention that subscribing to high-volume
mailing lists helped as well.  I just logrotate the ones I don't read,
and archivemail the ones I do.  NEED MORE INPUT!!

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