ANNOUNCEMENT: BAD mtg Wed Mar10 6P@Oscar's-Berkeley, wifiWWBAD-HackathonAGoGo

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 22:08:51 -0800

The Wed March 10 Bay Area Debian meeting, 6PM ~ 10+PM, 2nd Wednesday,
will be at Oscar's Burgers in Berkeley, Corner of Shattuck & Hearst,
2 blocks north of University Avenue.

All the usual suspects:  Free-form Debian meeting.  Talk about anything
of interest to people w/ an interest in Debian. Gnu, Linux, etc.

Plus: Another event filled episode in the "Bring a little BADness to the
entire world" series.  The World Wide BAD meeting & Hackathon-A-GoGo 
(We supply the hackfest, BYO GoGo person or mecha).

Well behaved persons of all ages, oldtimers, newtimers, firsttimers
welcome. :) Come by any time - you don't have to arrive at 6PM.

Whoever gets there first please make a Debian sign or swirl out of
materials available onsite.  :)

Extra Credit [This is optional.  I encourage you to join those of us
working on this, even if any of this is new to you.  Experienced
sys/wifi/IRC admins especially encouraged to join this effort.] -  Bring
your wifi'd laptop.  The World-Wide-BAD-Meeting.  As preparation for the
World Wide Gnu Linux Videoconference (see below) we'll set up an IRC
channel on so people can join the meeting remotely.  We'll
also work on getting a local wifi'd IRC server running.

Oscar's is a Burger Shakes & Fries joint.  Great flame broiled burgers, &
pineapple shakes.  :)

Location & Directions:
Oscar's is near the F Transbay Express line, for folks coming through San
Francisco by bus.

>From BART, exit at Downtown Berkeley, and go North on Shattuck Avenue 4

If coming by car, take the MLK exit off I-880/Hwy 24 or the University
Ave exit off I-80.

Driving from San Francisco, Marin, or other points, find your way to the
580/80 freeway, take the University Avenue exit, go a couple of miles
east, and take a left on Shattuck Avenue.

>From Cal Berkeley, head west; the resturant is 2 blocks from campus on
the corner of Hearst Avenue.

Someone care to bring
Debian/Knoppix/... CDs?

See you there. :)

wifi-WWBAD, wifi-WWGLVC & Hackathon-A-GoGo

Optional for anyone interested in taking part:

[Also functioning as preparation for the The WW GNU/Linux Video
Featuring GPL SW & Community Distros: ]

Bring your wifi'd laptop & 6+foot multi-outlet power cord extender.
We'll work on gettin an IRC channel up so that persons can attend the
BAD meeting remotely.

Any interesting steps to a WWBAD wifi'd meeting are encouraged.  Bring
your hw, sw, ideas, & development skills.

Or, just bring your laptop & help others w/ Debian related topics.  :)

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