Final call for info regarding WIFI cafes for 11/12 Wed BAD meeting.

Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:35:03 -0800

OK, final call for comments.  :)

If you have information regarding this month's potential meeting
locations, please try to post it to this list before 9PM Tuesday (today)
11/11.  Preferably, post before about 5-6 PM, so others might be able to

I'll eval all info submitted, and post the finalized meeting location &
info hopefully sometime between 9-11PM Tues eve.

The basic story:

BAD meeting, southbay location, Wed `11/12. Approx 6P-10P+.  We'll
probably meet at a WIFI cafe.

The meeting is no cost (free), and open to anyone interested in Debian
GNU/Linux.  Come and talk, or talk & do.

1) As usual- anything of interest to people interested in Debian.
2) Anyone who is interested in the following is also invited to
participate in:
In preparation for the WW Debian/Linux/FSW/GPL VideoNetCast Conference &
Hackfest, we will be working on learning & setting up IRTextC from the
meeting location, to anyone who wants to have a remote connection to the
meeting.  If we get IRTextC up, we'll work on getting a Voice system up. 
For more info on this see the WWDVC wiki:
You don't need to have IRC skills to join us.  Learners welcome.  But,
you're especially encouraged to join us if you do have skill in IRC
server setup & admin, or channel admin. Also VOIP (point2point, or server
based) setup or admin skills.

Bring you wifi'd laptop.

Look for last minute details on the BAD mailing list or archives,
and also at the WWDVC wiki:

People interested in connecting from remote, to the meeting via IRC: 
We'll probably first make a channel on the IRC system
(connect to, then try setting up a server at the meeting,
& make a channel on that server for the meeting.  Look for details on the
BAD mailinglist & the wiki.

Look for the final announcement tomorrow night.  Then, c u there!  :)

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